#HowToStyle autumn colours.

It´s official, the warm summer days have come to an end. We have to put our bikinis and hot pants away and update our wardrobes so we’re prepared for the cooler, wetter and windier days ahead.

For many people autumnal styling means being wrapped up warm in old jumpers and long-sleeved shirts. Autumn is unstylish? That’s not true! Take a look a nature; colours are changing from powerful and colorful discoloration into darker and velvety hues. Fashion adapts to natures colour scheme. Perfect autumnal styling mixes muted colours with beautiful accents in soft purple, yellow, green, red and grey. Autumnal styling should also mix materials such as wool, leather, velvet or denim. To stay cozy don’t forget to layer-up so warm air gets trapped between the layers keeping you toasty even if your clothes individually aren't that warm.

Dress up.

What I like most about autumn is that you can still wear dresses. You just have to add extra layers to stay warm. My favourite this season is a denim dress in a super soft fabric. I like to combine it with black or coloured tights, and accessorize with belts and bags. I love the dress as it´s perfect for both day and night. I prefer to accentuate my waist with a slim belt in dark red and to complete the look by wearing boots and a refined black handbag. I have a lot of clutches but this one has separate compartments so that I can easily find all my essentials. As my mother always says; “a tidy house, a tidy mind.” I also like wearing the dress with a stylish cap in dark red and a black bomber jacket. This way I am fully prepared for the cold.

Back to black

Besides denim I love to mash up a typical ‘all black’ outfit with warm autumn colors. With modern grey highwaist trousers and an army green blouse which you can tuck into the trousers you have a huge number of possibilities to create your own autumn-touched ‘black-look’. I love to wear a dark black leather belt with my high waist jeans. The belt matches with my black backpack and fits perfectly into the color scheme. To set another highlight, how about a dark yellow scarfin the mix with yellow mirrored sunglasses? These little accents complete the perfect look. And as I often mention, don’t forget to bring your coat to stay warm in the evening. To me there’s nothing better than a black wool coat. This coat fits amazingly and every time I wear it I feel awesome wrapped up in this beautiful material. It’s cozy and stylish and you are ready for the cooler days…for dinner outside or whatever you fancy doing.

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